God Delights In The Details Of Life!

God Delights In The Details Of Life!

This is NOT the post which I intended to write this week! Things changed around the middle of last week when I began feeling that sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, stuffy-head feeling, and by Friday I found myself sitting in my doctor's office.

Since everywhere you turn right now there is a tree in bloom, I thought it was just allergies, and since it's difficult for me to get out and about, the last thing I wanted to do was go to my doctor just to be told it was an allergic reaction, so I was dragging my feet in making an appointment. Waiting to see if it would clear up on its own!

BUT GOD used our son, Matthew, to finally convince me that I DID indeed need to be seen by my doctor! Matthew called Thursday early in the afternoon and the first words I heard were,

"Mom, are you sick? You sound terrible! You better call the doctor and get an appointment before the weekend!"   

I DID take Matthew's advice!

I called my doctor's office and explained my symptoms to the receptionist asking her opinion if I needed to come in or not! Remember, I didn't want to make the effort to get ready and go in just to be told it was allergies. Those with chronic illnesses will definitely understand my reasoning!

A few hours later the receptionist called Brian and told him that my doctor wanted to see me the next day at 11:30!








A PRAISE GOD that my doctor cares enough about me that she wanted to check me out to see what was going on!

A PRAISE GOD they actually had an appointment available with so much sickness hitting so many people right now!

A HUGE PRAISE GOD that my appointment was at 11:30! A PERFECT time! Gave ample time, with the Lord's strength, to get up, get ready, make it to the appointment and still get home in time to lay down in the afternoon like I do every day!

Another HUGE PRAISE GOD is having an amazing, loving, caring husband who I knew I could tell the receptionist to call with the answer from the doctor so I could lay my yucky feeling self down in my bed!

A SUPER HUGE PRAISE GOD is the flexibility of Brian's work schedule so he could leave work and take me to the appointment!

Yet another HUGE PRAISE GOD was that as soon as I sat down in the waiting room, they immediately called my name! No waiting time at all! That NEVER happens! Thank You, Lord!

It did end up being more than allergies, so I PRAISE THE LORD that through my son and the prompting of the Holy Spirit I overcame my hesitancy and DID make the appointment and am now taking antibiotics and steroids to knock out this bug!

A HUGE PRAISE GOD for so many who are praying for me as I deal with being sick on top of being sick! I NEVER EVER take your prayers for granted!

I can honestly say this is one time I give PRAISE TO THE LORD that I do not have a job or responsibilities that need to be met so this way my body can get lots of the rest and sleep it needs! 

Just one more SUPER HUGE PRAISE GOD is having a 33,  almost 34, year old son who still calls us and never fails to end each call with saying, "I love you!" VERY BLESSED!





Some may call the PRAISES which I wrote about as mere coincidences.


I know that I know that I KNOW God loves and cares about me down to the smallest details of my life!

Life can be hard and it may not always be easy to spot the praises especially when you're in the midst of a very difficult, challenging trial and all you can see is the huge mountain standing right in front of you. But if you look hard enough, you'll get glimpses of the flowers which the Lord has planted throughout the crags of the rock! The details of life!

Let's purpose together to stop, get quiet before the Lord, and ask Him to please show us His praises. When we do, I truly believe we will be totally overwhelmed by some of the smallest details which the Lord has provided for us!

And when He DOES reveal those small, BUT, OH SO PERSONAL details, let's be sure to thank Him and give Him ALL the PRAISE!


every thing





the LORD.



the LORD."

Psalm 150:6

At times being reminded of the smaller praises can mean EVEN MORE than recognizing the bigger praises!

"Father, please forgive me when I take Your unending care of me for granted or when I overlook thanking You for the way in which You meet my needs. Thank You, Lord, for being a God Who takes great delight in showing Your absolute faithfulness by attending to the smallest details of life. May I always have eyes wide open to recognize those details which You provide and may I always have lips that are quick to give You praise for each and every one of them. I love You Lord and thank You for loving me way beyond any words can even begin to describe.
In the precious and holy Name of Jesus, Amen." 
















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May God Bless You,


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