What Does Getting a Haircut, Running an Errand and Visiting a Friend All Have in Common?

What Does Getting a Haircut, Running an Errand and Visiting a Friend All Have in Common?

Okay so what exactly does getting a haircut, running an errand and visiting a friend all have in common? They are all things, through the strength of the Lord, which I was able to enjoy last Wednesday! Oh, and I forgot to add in there a lunch truck date!

They are also ALL simple joys and great blessings from the Lord! 

All things at one time which I TOTALLY took for granted, never giving a second thought about doing them.

Getting my hair cut was a no brainer.

Super simple.

Make an appointment or now-a-days just walk in, wait for the next available stylist, tell her what you'd like done and walk out with your head held high sporting your new "do"!

Easy Peasy!

However, dealing with a chronic illness changed the simplicity of a hair cut.

With the illness I deal with, anyone touching my head can set off my symptoms and make them even worse. And, well, it's kind of difficult to get your hair cut without someone touching your head, wouldn't you agree!

You know that feeling, ladies, when your hair seems to look great and then one day you look in the mirror, and its horror of horrors! That's exactly where I was at, and had been for like two weeks!

We ladies know that when our hair is a mess, we are a mess! 

Brian's day off from work is Wednesday, so we were both thinking and PRAYING we would go that day and finally get my hair taken care of!

YES, I said praying!

Again, at one time I NEVER would have prayed about going to get my hair cut. Who would, right? Unless you had a horrible experience in the past with a terrible hair style or stylist!

There was never a need before to pray about having my hair cut, but now I can view this as a blessing straight from the Lord. You see, I wasn't the only one praying about getting my hair cut! Brian prayed along WITH me about it on Tuesday night!

Can anyone say, THANKFUL and BLESSED!

With the Lord's strength, I DID make it to the salon and requested my favorite stylist who knows about my chronic illness so she knows what to do and what NOT to do!

The look on her face when she saw how my hair had grown out of its shape was priceless! But a few snips here and a few snips there and she had me back in style in no time at all.


Oh what a relief to have that straggly mess tamed and taken care of it! A simple joy but a great blessing from the Lord!

The next plan was for me to go back home while Brian ran an errand.

Car rides and I have always had a bad relationship and now that I'm sick, let's just say we're almost to the point of divorce!

I'm sure I don't need to explain that dizziness, vertigo and riding in a car is NOT the best scenario for either myself or for Brian!  

However, I REALLY did not feel like going home and sitting there all alone, so I whispered a prayer, and then proceeded to ask Brian if I could ride along! He was more than happy to comply!

Okay guys, this was NOT just a hop, skip and jump up the street! This was a thirty minute journey one way! YIKES!

I'm so very grateful the Lord gave me HIS peace and strength to enjoy this adventure!

I chattered non-stop asking Brian such things as,

"What's that building?"

"What kind of tree is that?"

"Where are we now?"

"What kind of car is that?"

We drove down one street that was totally stunning!

There were trees which made a type of canopy over the street plus the curbside was lined with beautiful multicolored crepe myrtle trees which were in full bloom.



I wish I would have taken pictures! However, that would have been a bit difficult as I was holding onto the hand grip in the truck, while watching the road to see if we were making any turns so I would be ready, while taking in the beauty of the trees, while holding onto my purse, while holding onto my security pillow!




Wow, what I would have missed if I would have opted out and just decided to go home!

Thankful to the Lord to have seen sites which I don't see on a regular basis. Sites which I rarely see.

A very special thanks to my loving hubby for encouraging me by telling me how great I was doing riding in the truck because he truly understands the struggle it is for me!  

Of course on the way home we just had to stop for lunch!

I wanted so much to make this day even "more special" by going INTO a restaurant to eat, but I just wasn't feeling up to it. But we DID enjoy our lunch truck date nonetheless!

We made one more stop on our adventure!

My very best friend of nearly twenty-five years works at a post office which was "kind of" "sort of" on our way home. Of course it was my hubby's idea that we stop to see her!

When we pulled up, there were people entering and leaving the post office non-stop, so I figured there was no way I'd get to see her.

When Brian got back in the truck, he said that we were supposed to pull around to the back and she would come out the back door to meet us!




Within a few minutes, the door opened and there she was grinning from ear to ear! We only got to visit for about five minutes, but it was so worth it! Just enough time for several hugs and a selfie!


It is a day


in my memory!


Because it was a day out of the ordinary for me!

Please don't misunderstand me, I am MORE THAN GRATEFUL TO THE LORD for all the things He allows me to do around the house despite my chronic illness because I am aware that it could be so much worse.

But I'm also very thankful for days like I just wrote about when the Lord surprises me with His extra measure of blessings! 

So if I could leave you with one thought it would be that throughout your day you would ask the Lord to help you to notice and then give thanks for ALL the simple joys in your life. The things we all take for granted on a daily basis like getting a haircut, running an errand, visiting with a friend, etc., etc., etc.

"Blessed be

the Lord,

who daily

loadeth us

with benefits,

even the God

of our salvation.

Psalm 68:19

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May God Bless You,



  • Linda

    June 21, 2018 at 3:46 am Reply

    I was smiling as I read this post, Barb - I am absolutely thrilled for you that this was such a special day! Made sweeter with your precious husband with you throughout , complete with side trip to call in on your friend - and best of all your Heavenly Father was watching over you! Lovely to see the photos of you, too (the haircut looks great)!
    We all need to have a heart of thankfulness to God - notnjyst for the "big" things but for those everyday blessings as well. I've read of people who ke a journal of sorts, writing up at least one thing they are thankful for each day. I haven't yet got to doing it - but would be quite something to look back over a year and read what had been written!
    Hoping and praying for more special days like this one for you, my friend. Love and hugs from my place to yours.❤️❤️❤️

    • Barb

      June 22, 2018 at 2:32 pm Reply

      Linda my dear precious friend! So thankful that the post was a blessing to you. Praise the Lord. We both know due to living with chronic illnesses that the smallest of joys definitely become the big blessings and we can't take anything for granted. I keep a journal entitled, "Gifts From God and Gifts From Others". It's where I record the way God blesses me and how others bless me. From the simple joys to the big blessings. I dont write in it every day, but I should because it's a super reminder on those rather difficult down in the dump days,to open it and read and be reminded of just how blessed I really am. And, you, my sweet friend are written many times throughout those pages as a very special gift from God❤
      I love you bunches and I'm sending you loads of hugs across the oceans ❤

  • Diane

    June 21, 2018 at 6:18 pm Reply

    That ear to ear grin is one of her strengths! So glad you had a great day, one for the memory books! And thanks so much for reminding us to be thankful for every little thing.

    • Barb

      June 22, 2018 at 2:23 pm Reply

      Diane, it's so good to hear from you! Yes, I couldn't agree more that her grinning from ear to ear is one of her major strengths! I'm so thankful the post was a blessing to you. Praise the Lord. Thanks again my friend for your words of encouragement, it meant a lot❤

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