A Father’s Day Gift Way Better Than A Necktie!

A Father’s Day Gift Way Better Than A Necktie!

Before I go any further I just want to say what an absolute JOY it is to be able to use as my feature photo a picture of my two most favorite guys and my most favorite girl which needless to say represents Brian as Matthew's Dad and Matthew as Emma's Dad!

This coming Sunday, June 17th, we celebrate another Father's Day. Just like Mother's Day, it can be a day filled with much love, joy and memory-making times, or it can be a day of grief, tears and sadness.

For some it will mean going to church together. Enjoying a barbecue with Dad. Fishing, golfing or just hanging out together. Eating Dad's favorite dessert. Presenting him with yet another tie or pair of socks!

For some it will be a day of quiet reflection. Placing flowers on his grave. Desiring the opportunity to say, "I love you", just one more time. Shedding tears over wasted years and memories which were never made due to complicated circumstances.

Last year I was asked to help compose a small Father's Day booklet which the bus kiddos from our church could take home and give to their Dads!

Well, I had the privilege of doing the exact same thing this year, of course, with different clip art and puzzles. However, one page remained the same from last year and that's what I'll be sharing below.

On this day when we honor fathers, you may be feeling sad and lonely due to missing your own father. Perhaps your father has passed away or perhaps your father lives a long distance from you and you can't be together.

Whatever the case might be, did you realize that there is a way to have the BEST Father in the whole wide world?

Because of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, God has already accepted us into His family.

We just have to accept His FREE invitation to become His son or daughter which will make God, our Heavenly Father!

The first step in becoming a son or daughter of God is to realize that you are a sinner in need of a Saviour.

We are all sinners and we all fall short of God's holy standard.

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."
Romans 3:23

Just as there are wages for good, there is a punishment for wrong. The penalty for our sin is eternal death in a place called Hell.

"For the wages of sin is death."
Romans 6:23

Next believe Jesus died, was buried and rose from the dead for YOU! Jesus' GREAT love for you was shown when He died on the cross to pay for YOUR sin debt.

"But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."
Romans 6:23

Everlasting life is a gift purchased by the precious blood of Jesus and offered FREELY to those who call upon Him by faith.

"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."
Romans 10:13

Pray and ask Jesus to be your personal Saviour. Remember it's NOT the prayer that saves you, it's your FAITH in Jesus that saves you!

You could pray something like this.
"Dear God, I am a sinner and need forgiveness. I believe that Jesus shed His precious blood and died for my sins. I now invite Jesus to come into my life as my personal Saviour, Amen."

There's more which could have been included in explaining how to trust Jesus as your personal Saviour, but I had to keep it short as possible to fit it on the page of the booklet! But really there isn't anything else to add!

Trusting Jesus

as your

personal Saviour

is truly

that simple!

It's believing Jesus died, was buried and rose again the third day for YOU! Even if no one else would have been alive at the time, Jesus still would have died just for YOU because that's how much He loves YOU.

I know many people get hung up on the part about being called a sinner.

I know I did!

Before I knew Christ as my Saviour, if someone would have even remotely came close to insinuating that I was a sinner, well, let's just say it wouldn't have been pretty!

That was before I came to understand God is all together completely holy and I am NOT.

That was before I realized that we are all born into sin.

That was before I was shown many verses from the Bible which prove we are ALL sinners. Verses such as this one,

“For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not.”
Ecclesiastes 7:20

As a child and young adult I held on very tightly to a certain religion thinking since I was a good person and tried to do good things, I surely would go to Heaven. I mean come on, I wasn't an ax murderer or anything like that, so God would NEVER send someone like me to Hell.

That's before I was asked the question, "If religion, good works or even attempting to be a good person can get you to Heaven, then why in the world did Jesus die on the cross?"




If you know Jesus as your personal Saviour, the very best present you can give to your Dad for Father's Day and any father figure in your life is to share the Gospel with them.

If you don't know Jesus as your Saviour, the very best Father's Day gift you can give to yourself is to trust Christ TODAY as your personal Saviour.

If you know Christ as your personal Saviour and if your Dad knows Christ as his personal Saviour, REJOICE! PRAISE THE LORD, and then give him his new necktie!

At the end of the booklet which the bus kiddos took home, I wrote that if the Dads needed more information or had any questions to please contact our church.

I extend that same invitation to you.

If you have any questions or would like more information about trusting Jesus as your personal Saviour, PLEASE contact me at barb@castingyourcare.org.

If I don't have an answer for you, I promise to get you one from a very reliable source.

Trusting Jesus

as your

personal Saviour

is the




you will

EVER make

in your life! 

"The Gospel
is not
good advice
to be obeyed,
it is
good news
to be believed."
quote by Harry Ironside

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May God Bless You,


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