Honoring All “Mothers” This Mother’s Day!

Honoring All “Mothers” This Mother’s Day!

This coming Sunday we will celebrate another Mother's Day. 

There are numerous aspects in which to view Mother's Day and many different seasons that accompany being a mother.

You may be right smack dab in the midst of raising little ones!

You my be preparing yourself as your "baby" is getting ready to graduate, leave the nest and soar on their own.

Maybe you've been an empty-nester for quite some time, but now you get to reap the rewards of being a Grammy!

Oh the joys of being a Grammy!

Perhaps this Mother's Day your heart is heavy because you're missing your Mom due to death, possible abandonment or a very messy, mixed up relationship.

This one is difficult to even write about, let alone knowing it's reality for many Mothers. You may be mourning this Mother's Day as you remember a child or children you have lost due to miscarriage, an illness, a car accident or any number of reasons.

I don't know which category you will find yourself in this coming Mother's Day.

Personally, I am among the empty-nesters, as well as one who will be nursing a heavy heart.

As an empty-nester, I thank the Lord for a grown son who calls me almost every evening on his way home from work just to chat! And even though at nearly thirty-two years of age, he NEVER ends a phone conversation or text message without the words, "I love you"!

I am
beyond blessed!

Me and my "baby"!

I enjoyed the days when my Mom was still living and I could send her a very special card, as well as call and wish her a Happy Mothers Day!

Although I surely didn't need a special day to send her a card or talk with her on the phone for hours on end.

my Mom LOTS!

I greatly cherish the precious memories which my Mom and I made over the years.

I was blessed to have the GREATEST Mom in the whole wide world! ❤❤❤

My sweet Mom back in 2005!
The picture used for my Mom's celebration of life service!

There's one more Mother's Day "category" which I did not mention earlier.

I believe with all my heart one of the hardest aspects of Mother's Day is the woman who must face yet another reminder that she was unable to bear her own children. 

Children she desperately longed after.

Prayed for.

Dreamed about.

"But the Lord had shut up her womb."
I Samuel 1:5

She sits amidst her church congregation on Mother's Day as all the Mothers are called to stand to be honored, but she sits alone, quiet, feeling out-of-place, awkward, sad.

Watching the Hallmark card commercials reminding sons and daughters to be sure to send their Mom a really sweet, sentimental Mother's Day card. 

Surfing the Web and seeing all the florists advertising their most gorgeous floral arrangements made just for Mother's Day.

Just because a woman has no biological children, in no way exempts her from being looked upon as a mother to the children in her life. Whether those children are young in age or older adults who are young at heart!

As I type this, I'm thinking of a rather amazing woman whom I've known for MANY years. She may not have any children of her own, but, boy oh boy, does she have a slew full of "spiritual" children!

She has taught a children's Sunday School class since way back when, and I KNOW that many of those young ones, who are now grown and left the nest, still think of her as a "type of mother".

She poured her life into those children, who are now adults, and they have not forgotten her and her motherly ways, and of course the spiritual foundation she helped to lay in their lives. 

Some of those whom she taught, now have children of their own who attend her Sunday School class!

I personally know of a thirty-two-year-old gentlemen who has been sending her flowers EACH and EVERY Mother's Day for the past fifteen years or so, and always writes on the card, "Thanks for being like a second Mother to me!"

What about women without children who help out with their nieces and nephews? Possibly helping to carry the burden for their sisters who may be struggling as a single Mom.

Women without children who take the time to invest their lives into the lives of other people's children by being school teachers, day care workers, church nursery workers, pediatric nurses, nannies, Sunday School teachers.

Women who never had children but are more than willing to step in and help care for their friend's and neighbor's children.

Picking the child up from school when they suddenly come down with a sore throat and runny nose and Mom and Dad are tied up at work. 

Making a run to the grocery store when the ice cream is running low at the child's birthday party! 

Helping to tie up the loose ends the night before that grown child says, "I do"!

Motherhood is about nurturing, and many women who have never been mothers physically, abound with the ability and passion to nurture others.

Yes, honor those who are Mothers because they have biological children or those who have chosen to adopt children.

But let's also show honor to those very special women who nurture others by making visits to nursing homes and hospitals.

By providing a safe and joyous environment for preschoolers.

By being a loving sounding board and spiritual counselor for hurting and confused teenagers.

Cherish your Mother, and be sure she knows how much you appreciate everything she has, and continues to do for you.

The days are short. Love your Mother while there is still time.

"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."
James 4:14

If your Mother has already passed away, take some time to recall memories of her. Share these memories with your family and friends so that she will live on in your heart.

If you know of a woman who has not been blessed with children of her own, but is nurturing other people's children, your own children or perhaps even yourself, why not send her a card this Mother's Day expressing your deep appreciation for all she does to be just like a Mom to you, your children or other people's children.

It may be the first time she ever receives a Mother's Day card!

Give her a call or text her.

Or go all out and send her flowers!

"Her children

arise up,

and call

her blessed"

Proverbs 31:28

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May God Bless You,


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