An “AHA” Moment!

An “AHA” Moment!

What exactly is an "AHA" moment?

Well, I'm so glad you asked!

The definition of an "AHA" moment according to

"A point in time, event, or experience when one has a sudden insight or realization."

In other words, it's like a light bulb moment.

When the light finally comes on!

The example which was given along with the definition was,

"My AHA moment was when I put on my shorts from last summer and they didn't fit!"  

Meaning that person realized they either needed to go on a diet or buy new shorts!    

Well thankfully my particular "AHA" moment came in a totally different way!

I experienced my most recent "AHA" moment while reading my Bible.

Let me explain.

Have you ever read a portion of Scripture ninety-nine times and it wasn’t until the one-hundredth time that you had an "AHA" moment"?

When you said, “Whoa, I never noticed that before!”

“So thankful I read it for the one-hundredth time!”

That’s exactly what happened to me recently.

I was reading through the Book of Exodus, and I came upon the chapters where the Lord is explaining to Moses how to construct the tabernacle, as well as all the furnishings.

I've read these verses numerous times in the past, but I must admit I never stopped long enough to REALLY read them.

Do you
know what
I'm talking about?

Never slowing down long enough to soak it all in?

But this time I DID slow down and when I did, I was blown away!

By what?

By God’s absolute down to the smallest detail of every big and every little thing which had to do with the construction of the tabernacle, as well as, all the furnishings.

God didn’t say to Moses, "Moses, I want a tabernacle, along with the furnishings built, and it really doesn't matter to me whom you choose to construct it. I trust your discretion and however it turns out will be just fine with me!" 

The Lord didn’t say, “Moses, here is a very sketchy blue print for the building of the tabernacle. Give it to the workers and just have them follow these sparse directions!"

God didn't say, "Moses, tell the builders of the tabernacle that I'd like a curtain here and maybe put one over there, and make it some shade of blue or maybe purple, and put a piece of wood here, and make it about ten to twelve cubits in length."

Of course
that's NOT
what the Lord said!

That's NOT how
the Lord did things! 

That's NOT how
the Lord
EVER does things!

"According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it."
Exodus 25:9

The Lord supplied them with EXACT details upon details upon DETAILS!

Down to the most minute detail!

"Moreover thou shalt make the tabernacle with ten curtains of fine twined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet: with cherubims of cunning work shalt thou make them."
Exodus 26:1

The EXACT colors!

The EXACT fabrics!

The EXACT number of curtains!

"Fifty loops shalt thou make in the one curtain, and fifty loops shalt thou make in the edge of the curtain that is in the coupling of the second; that the loops may take hold one of another."
Exodus 26:5

The EXACT number of loops in each curtain!

"And thou shalt make a covering for the tent of rams' skins dyed red, and a covering above of badgers' skins. And thou shalt make boards for the tabernacle of shittim wood standing up. Ten cubits shall be the length of a board, and a cubit and a half shall be the breadth of one board."
Exodus 26:14-16

The EXACT description for the covering of the tabernacle!

The EXACT animal skins to use and what color to dye them!

The EXACT wood to use!

The EXACT length and breadth (width) of each board!

And on and on it goes.

And that's just the instructions for the tabernacle!

Then there are all the EXACT details for the furnishings.

"All the vessels of the tabernacle in all the service thereof, and all the pins thereof, and all the pins of the court, shall be of brass. And thou shalt command the children of Israel, that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always."
Exodus 27:19-20

The EXACT metal which all the pins are to be made of!

The EXACT type of oil to burn in the lamp!

The EXACT amount of time the lamp is to be burning!

And it continues on with EXACT details for the construction of: 

The Court of The Tabernacle
The Ark of The Covenant
The Altar of Incense
The Mercy Seat
The Table of Shewbread
The Golden Candlestick
The Bronze Laver
The Altar of Burnt Offerings
The Garments of The High Priest
And many other things I know I'm missing!


Like I said, I guess I never took the time to REALLY stop and take this all in before, but when I did, I was TOTALLY amazed!

No real reason for me to be so overwhelmed by it all since I KNOW God is VERY detailed and thoughtful.

Look at how detailed He is in the creation of each and every one of us! From the hairs on our head to the fingerprints that make us each unique!

Reading these chapters and being shown how detailed God is, truly helped to remind me that He is absolutely trustworthy.

I know at times it can be so very difficult to put your faith and trust in a God Who is making no sense to you whatsoever. Who is doing things totally different than the way you are praying about them. But God DOES care and He DOES know what He is doing whether we understand it or not.

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths"
Proverbs 3:5-6

He sees
what we
cannot see

God IS involved in every detail of our lives. The small details, as well as the major details, and all those other details in between!

Remember, my friend, that even when the Lord seems so far away or completely silent, He DOES still care.

He IS still working in your life on your behalf.

He KNOWS every detail of your life and He LOVES you!

And, once again, I'm preaching to myself as I type out all the words of this post!

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  • CountingMyBlessings

    March 8, 2017 at 7:32 am Reply

    I Love how God knows all the details of my life. So comforting to be still and trust Him in the midst of hard times and to praise Him in the good times. He knows and cares. ...nothing is to small or misses His observation!!! Also challenging is, am I following every detail He has for me in the Bible? In a world where very few believe in modesty will I modestly always wear dresses? Where few believe in absolute total obedience will I wear the head covering clearly taught in Corinthians? Will I put away all lying, anger, wrath, malice, pride, covetousness, evil speaking, gossip .... none of these is so small that we can still get to heaven with even a bit of it in our lives. I want to praise God for the details and I want to follow each minute detail. I also pray that many more will follow Christ with a heart sold out. Follow each detail, it is for our day also, not just for the Bible days and not just their customs. Jesus came as a man and gave us the New Testament....follow it literally. He means what He says. I was so blessed by this writing!

  • Linda

    March 10, 2017 at 3:26 am Reply

    The exact detailing is mind boggling, isn't it! Every little detail important to God. And to think He is interested in every detail of our lives , not just the big ones! Thank you, Barb, for a reminder that we can know our Heavenly Father is interested even in the small things - and we can go to him with these too as well as the big things. Love you, and while there are huge miles between us, there will be a day when we meet in person! Hugs from over the ocean❤

    • Barb

      March 10, 2017 at 7:24 pm Reply

      I know, it was quite amazing to read ... REALLY read ... of all the details and it's even more AMAZING to realize that God is that interested in every detail of our lives! Oh, what a Saviour! I love you, as well, and YES, one day we will meet in person and live forever together in that wonderful place called Heaven, but in the meantime, I want you to know what a true blessing and joy you are to my life. Thanking the Lord, once again, for bringing you into my little corner of the world from your little corner of the world!
      Love you my sweet, dear friend!!

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