Lessons Learned From Little Ones!

Lessons Learned From Little Ones!

In my personal opinion, I have no problem understanding why Jesus enjoyed surrounding Himself with children!

Children loved Jesus when He was here on Earth.

Children still love Jesus!

Jesus loved children when He was here on Earth.

Jesus still loves children!

I love children!

I always wanted a house full of little ones, but due to a very complicated pregnancy, we were only able to have one child.  But Brian and I are so very thankful for the son the Lord blessed us with.

Matthew as a baby!
Matthew as a baby!
Matthew as a man!
Matthew as a man!

I know children can be loud, messy, quite challenging at times, ask question upon question, usually the same one like a thousand different times in a million different ways!  

BUT children can give the best snuggly hugs, make you laugh until you cry, have the tendency to love without hesitation, and their simplicity of viewing life is like a refreshing drink of cold water on a hot, humid Central Florida summer afternoon!  


Recently I had to have another test performed, so Brian and I headed off to our local radiological center.  

After walking in from the parking lot, of course, I look for the closest chair to the front entrance!  So we were sitting in the two chairs right inside the front door which allowed us first view of everyone who was coming and going!  

As I was watching folks come through the door, my eyes fell upon the cutest, most adorable dark-haired little girl walking in tightly clutching her Mom's hand.

She appeared rather overwhelmed and taken back with the whole scenario, and I can't say I blamed her!  That's how I feel every time I walk into that place!

She was shy and timid as I smiled at her, waved, and said, "Hi!" , in my most cheerful voice!  But she wanted no parts of that!  Can't say I blame her one bit because who was I to her?  Just a stranger in a strange place!  

BUT within about ten minutes, I heard the most beautiful sound!

I looked over and saw the little girl's Mom standing at the receptionist's desk, but the little girl was NOT with her.  

No, the little girl who seemed so shy and quiet was now skipping, hoping, and dancing around the waiting room, and in a "sing-songy" voice was saying, "Hi" , to every patient who was within close proximity of where her Mom was standing!

Her outgoing spirit and her attempt to reach out to others made me smile BIG!


She didn't care what others thought of her.  She was happy and she was letting it show!

Everyone was there to have tests performed.  Some were probably concerned about the results of their tests.  Some patients were in pain from broken bones or ongoing illnesses.  

But just for a moment in time, the voice of a beautiful little girl just being herself, just being a happy little girl without a care in the world, made everything okay!  


As I write this post, it's been over two weeks since I had my encounter with this adorable little girl, but the Lord continues to bring her to my mind, and I know EXACTLY why!

It's all a matter of conviction on my part!  

As I think of that little girl and her happy spirit and the way she gushed with joy towards others, it makes me STOP and ask myself, "do I act the same way when I'm around others?"

The Lord definitely wants me to be just like that little girl!

Wait, NO, He does NOT expect or want me to go into a crowded public place and hop, skip and dance around and say, "Hi" , to everyone in a "sing-songy" voice!  

First off, I would bring no honor whatsoever to my Saviour by doing such a thing!  Secondly, I would not look nearly as cute as that little girl did!  Last of all, I'm almost positive I'd end up being escorted into the back of a patrol car which would take me to a room with padded walls and no door knob!  

But what God does want from me is to show that kind of joy when I'm around others, and for that fact, even when it's just me and the Lord!


You may say, "But Barb, you have a life-altering chronic illness which leaves you feeling rotten most of the time."   And you would be "spot on" with that statement.  That's just one more reason why me showing the joy of Christ is so vitally important, especially to those who know I'm dealing with an illness.  

It allows others to see it's not me, but it's ALL THE LORD!  It's me choosing to allow the Lord to work His grace out through me.  

“But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.”
James 4:6

But I must make the choice.  No one can make it for me.  The Lord cannot force His will upon me.  I must CHOOSE to allow the joy of the Lord to shine through me despite my circumstances, or better yet BECAUSE of my circumstances!  

I'm so thankful for a very cute, adorable dark-haired little girl who the Lord brought into my life just for a few minutes one day, because the effect she has had on me has taught me some great lessons which, by God's grace, I will endeavor to continue putting into practice!

Gems of Inspiration
Gems of Inspiration

There's another absolutely beautiful dark-haired girl in my life who has stolen my heart.  My granddaughter, Emma!  

Emma as a baby!
Emma as a baby!
Emma at three years old!!
Emma at
three years old!!
Emma as a seven year old!
Emma as
a seven-year old!

Do you get the idea I enjoy sharing pictures of my granddaughter??!!

She recently taught me a profound lesson on faith!

Matthew called several days before the scheduled day of my test.  He had his phone on speaker mode and Emma was in the truck with him.  

I casually mentioned to Matthew that I was nervous and a tad scared about the test, mostly about the results.  

The next thing I hear is Emma's sweet voice saying to me, "Grammy, you don't ever need to be scared or afraid because Jesus is always with you.  And the Bible says that, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  So, Grammy, don't be afraid, okay?"


Alrighty!  After I caught my breath and dried my tears, I reassured her I wouldn't be afraid and I thanked her for the awesome reminder!  

How do I possibly find adequate words in which to thank the Lord for my seven-year old granddaughter who was reminding me of what The Word of God teaches?  

My heart was overflowing with gratitude and awe.  My eyes were filled with tears of sheer joy and delight!

Lessons learned from two beautiful, dark-haired little girls!  

One a complete stranger.  

One blood of my own blood.  

Both used in my life by the Lord in great and mighty ways!

I thought you might enjoy hearing the beautiful, dark-haired girl who has totally stolen my heart sing for you!  Please overlook my amateur video techniques!

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