Pride and Self or God and Others?

Pride and Self or God and Others?

Five simple letters

P - R - I - D - E

When they are joined together, they form one of the most powerful words in the English language.

The most destructive word in the life of a believer.

The word which breeds all sin.

Pride is so offensive to the Lord that it's listed as number one out of the seven things which are an abomination to Him.

These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:  A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.
Proverbs 6:16-19

The definition of pride from Websters Bible dictionary:

"Inordinate self-esteem; an unreasonable conceit of one's own superiority in talents, beauty, wealth, accomplishments, rank or elevation in office, which manifests itself in lofty airs, distance, reserve, and often in contempt of others."

" Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."
Proverbs 16:18

Okay this is where it gets VERY personal!

Where the rubber meets the road!

When I bear my heart and lay it all out there for you!

About two weeks ago, I was totally “out of joint”!  

Having a big time hissy fit!  

Remember NO judging!

Jetpack, the app on my website which records the stats, made an update, and in the process, for several days I was unable to see how many times my posts were shared by others on facebook!

Let me repeat myself, NO JUDGING!

Just writing that made my stomach do flip flops!

How prideful
can I be?

Please don't answer that!

Yes, I am still a “newbie” writer and I am very encouraged when I see people sharing my posts, BUT to get so upset not to be able to see that info is just plain wrong.

in all
its ugliness!

The day I was especially cranked out of shape just happened to be a Wednesday, and that evening, one of our church deacons began preaching a new series entitled, “Emotional Victory” , and, yes, he did touch on the subject of pride!

Coincidence?  Ummm, NO WAY!!

He shared that often we tend to believe the things we are doing for the Lord are useless and not making any difference at all.  Therefore, we go before the Lord in prayer asking to be shown the results of our labor for Him.

Can you relate?

Of course I can, because that’s EXACTLY why I was so upset when the facebook counter wasn’t working.  

I couldn’t see the results!

Then he clenched it by saying, if we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what we are doing is the Lord’s will, then of course we are making a difference.  We just need to do our part for the Lord and leave the results up to Him!

A great solution for overcoming pride.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Recently I needed to have my blood drawn.  Brian checked me in at the lab, and they immediately called us back.  

Oh how the praises to the Lord were rolling off my tongue, UNTIL we opened the door to the next waiting room, and it was packed!  But I was still hopeful it would move quickly.

However, with every name they called before mine, I gritted my teeth a bit harder.

My legs were getting very tired from being crossed, uncrossed and crossed again, each time with more force!  

As I watched person after person get called BEFORE ME, my sighs grew much louder.

I mean, come on, we were signed in WAY before these people, so what’s the deal?  Why were we waiting for almost one hour? (like I'm on some big, important time schedule!)

Well the deal was they had made an appointment and I hadn't!  

But wait, it's not my fault I didn't make an appointment because I can’t tell the exact time I’m going to be able to show up!

Besides, these people aren’t having a difficult time sitting in their chairs like I am!  Their world isn’t spinning around them like mine is.  

I feel really sick and I should be called to have my blood drawn NOW!

Yes, sad to say, those were my exact thoughts and reactions.

in all
its nastiness!

I had no idea how any of them were feeling physically.  

I was basing my opinion totally on outward appearances.

For all I knew there could have been someone sitting there who had just left their doctor's appointment and got devastating news that they have a terminal illness and only have months or weeks to live. 

I was playing jury, judge and handing down the verdict of guilty!

My pride that day accomplished many things.  

But not one of them was beneficial.

I had a horrendous attitude, which in turn, caused my husband to have to deal with me.

I was looking down upon others instead of seeing them through the eyes of Christ.

My rotten thoughts served to stress me out which only caused my symptoms to flare even more.

Worst of all, I cast aside being a witness for my Saviour to all the people around me.

A lost opportunity, never to be regained, to show those particular people the love of Christ.


Because I chose pride and selfishness.  

That right there rips out my heart.

I'm glad it does.  It NEEDS to.

in all
its arrogance!

What about the numerous days upon waking when I declare to the Lord, 

"I don’t want to do this anymore.  I just want to feel normal.  I’m so tired of living with this chronic illness.  Why me, Lord?"

You might be thinking, "Barb, you’re just honestly sharing with the Lord what’s on your heart.  How is that pride?”

Yes, I’m telling the Lord what’s on my heart, which may be fine, but it needs to be followed with the words,
"nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done."
Luke 22:42 

Because otherwise I’m telling God that I know what’s best for my life.

He’s God
and I’m not?

As I was doing research for this post, I came across this acronym for the word pride.  

I tweaked it to make it my own!

P: Pray – We need to pray without ceasing, and always include much thanksgiving in our prayers.  It's very difficult to fall into the claws of pride when we are praising and thanking the Lord!

R: Repent – If, and when, we end up in the sin of pride, we need to repent and seek God’s forgiveness immediately.  When we repent and accept God's forgiveness, we step out of our pride and back into peace with God.

I: Identify – As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, we need to remember the great price which was paid for our forgiveness.  Our life is not our own.  We need to walk humbly with our Redeemer

D: Determine – Determine, by God’s grace, that we will keep our focus on the Lord.  When we put expectations on others or in things or on "just the right circumstances", we are setting ourselves up BIG TIME for pain and disappointment.

E: Embrace – Learn to embrace God's will for our life, even if it's not what we had planned!  Embrace the unique opportunities the Lord has designed for us to be a blessing to others.  This will help us steer clear of playing the comparison game which will save us from a lot of issues with pride!

The very best way 

to avoid 

the sin of pride 

is to lift up 

The One

and Only One 

Who deserves

to be lifted up 

on high!!

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  • Linda

    September 9, 2016 at 9:25 pm Reply

    Barb, I am sure this post will resonate with all your readers. It made me stop and once more realise that, oh dear, pride has crept up on me many a time. Over the years, I never thought of myself as being a person with pride - that's telling in itself, isn't it! Then the penny dropped (or should I say I finally heard the Holy Spirits whispers to my heart) - and yes, I have had a to confess and repent on more than one occasion! I love the acronym - I will member that. Your transparency is so refreshing - it allows readers to identify, and as in this case maybe be encouraged to look for change in their lives. You have created a lovely, friendly, welcoming "home" in the world of blogging - I love coming to visit (would prefer, of course, to turn up on your doorstep in person - but distance doesn't allow that). We are blessed by your presence here. Love you, my friend. Sending hugs across the seas. ❤️

    • Barb

      September 10, 2016 at 9:06 pm Reply

      Oh my dear, sweet friend, how your word always encourage me!! I, too, so wish that I would see you turn up at my doorstep in person one day. That would be AMAZING!! But I know that we will have to wait until Heaven to fellowship, and then we can talk for and fellowship and worship the Lord together for all Eternity!! Oh, that nasty sin of pride!! It gets me all of the time. Even when I'm not aware of it at the moment, but maybe hours or even days later, the Holy Spirit taps me on the shoulder and shows me that it was a prideful spirit which was at the root of it all. Thank you that you feel so "at home" on my site. That was one of my biggest prayers when I first began this website. I so wanted people to feel welcomed and comfortable and "at ease" and "at home". To find a place where they would find a friend who understands and does not pass judge. Just an ordinary gal who shares her heart (even when it's really hard!!). An ordinary gal who loves her Saviour. An ordinary gal who loves others and wants to be available to helps others any way she can from the confines of her home!! I am always telling you this, but I just gotta keep telling you ... I can't thank the Lord enough for bringing you into my life. You are a blessing far beyond mere words can express. I love and appreciate you my treasured friend. Sending loads of hugs across the seas

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