Daily Time With The Lord

Daily Time With The Lord

I have a question for you?

Do you struggle with your daily devotions?

Is it hard at times to know what verse or verses the Lord would have you to read and meditate upon for the day?

Does your mind wander as you are attempting to pray for the needs of others?

Do you end up wasting more time trying to find a devotion to read for the day than you actually do reading God’s Word and praying?

Are you frustrated at times due to a limited capacity of reading The Word of God due to physical infirmities?

When it comes to your quiet time with the Lord, do you desire for it to be the most important part of your day, yet you find yourself just spinning your wheels?

Wow, my one question turned into six!

And it even sounds like the beginning of a great infomercial!!

And YES I DO have the solution to your problem!!

Just stay tuned for the answer!!

Since chronic illness entered my life several years ago, my daily devotional time has been very diverse.

What I did depended on how I was feeling.

Some days I could write out a chapter or two from one of the books of the Bible.

Other days it may have just been a few verses.

Some days I would read from one of my favorite devotional books.  

Some days when my symptoms were flaring, I would listen/watch a sermon or simply listen as the man inside my phone read the Bible to me!

However, over the past few months, I realized that I was becoming quite frustrated.

You see, due to my symptoms flaring more often, I usually need to lay down in the afternoon to rest.


Since I don’t get up at the crack of dawn, again, due to my illness, it doesn’t leave me with a lot of time between getting up, showering, eating, doing laundry or cooking, if I feel up to it, and doing my devotions.

I found myself wasting so much time jumping from one devotional to another.

From one sermon to another.  

From one book of the Bible to another.  

I ended up accomplishing nothing, except feeling overwhelmed!

Not being fed from God’s Word because I was too busy trying to figure out what to read for the day.  

And by that time, I was fortunate if I could get out of my mouth, "Father, thank you for this food”, since it was time for lunch.

The days I’m living in now call for simplicity and having something ready and waiting for me.

Well, the Lord brought that "something" into my life through a Mother’s Day gift from one of my beloved adopted daughters!  She’s not really my adopted daughter, but in my heart of hearts she most definitely is!

Neither she, nor I, had any inkling that this particular gift would simplify my quiet time with the Lord, and yet make it so much more fulfilling and enriching!

So what was this amazing gift?

It's a prayer journal!

But not your “everyday run of the mill prayer journal!"

This particular prayer journal has everything I need for my time with the Lord placed on ONE page!!

Like I said, simple yet in-depth!

The name of the journal is, "Quieting Your Heart 6-Month Prayer Journal" written by Darlene Schacht!  

Front cover
Back cover
Back cover

Darlene is otherwise known as, "The Time-Warp Wife!"

She has a fabulous website which features LOTS of goodies.  

A few weeks ago, I downloaded the free Philippians Bible study.  

It's a WONDERFUL study! 

If you click the link below, it will take you directly to her website.


Oops, sorry for chasing that rabbit.

Back to the prayer journal!

Reasons why I really, REALLY like the "Quieting Your Heart 6-Month Prayer Journal"

  • There is a section entitled, “Lord teach me to…"  This makes me stop and truly be still before the Lord and ask Him what He wants me to learn from Him and APPLY into my life for that specific day


  • There is a Bible verse for each day.  I look the verse up in my Bible, even though it’s written in the journal.  That way I can read the verses which are before and after, and I can put the daily verse in context.


  • Everything is condensed on one page!


  • Of course there is a portion for prayer requests!


  • A section to write a prayer to the Lord.


  • A special decorative box to record the date!


  • Each page includes a picture of a whimsical bird which you are free to color if you so desire, and, yes, I so desire!


  • There's plenty of empty space around all of the other sections which I use to write TONS of praises!

Please excuse my amateur photography skills, but I wanted to give you a few snapshots of what exactly is inside this fabulous prayer journal!!

I can honestly say that since I have begun using this journal, my time with the Lord has “skyrocketed”!  

I'm no longer frustrated and wasting time trying to figure out what verses to read or hunting for a prayer list, because this way I pray as the Lord leads and for those He specifically lays upon my heart for that particular day!

I can easily spend well over one hour in this journal and it seems like it’s only been ten minutes!  

The time flies, and I LOVE it!


When it comes to my time to pray for others, I DO break out my Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils!  

YES, I color while I'm praying!  


It may not work for everyone, but it sure does work for me!  

It helps me keep my focus on praying!  

My mind doesn't wander while I'm coloring and praying at the same time!  

In fact, I found as I'm praying (and coloring!), the Lord puts many more people upon my heart to pray for than just those I have listed on the page for that day!

So if you're like me, and you need simplicity in your life, but long for a close walk with the Lord at the same time, I would highly recommend purchasing a copy of "Quieting Your Heart 6-Month Prayer Journal".

You can purchase the prayer journal through amazon.com.  

The cost for the journal is $8.99 plus shipping and handling, but it's worth every single penny and it will last you six months!!

As a side note.  There's also a "Quieting Your Heart 6-Month Bible Journal".  Of course this is different from the prayer journal which I'm talking about.

The Bible journal is for taking notes as you read your Bible, for writing out verses, etc.  I just didn't want you to be confused when you go to order the prayer journal.  

You may just want to order BOTH of them!!  


He walks
with me
He talks
with me
He tells me
I am
His own!

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May God Bless You,



  • Jennie Verrilli

    August 31, 2016 at 9:48 am Reply

    Thank you! For this post, I want to order this journal. Your posts help me get through the day. I have written you before. My name is Jennie and I have Fibromyalgia and Severe IBS. I have pain 24/7 and here lately; I don't get a lot of sleep, because of spasms in my colon.

    God Bless you! Thank you!


  • Barb

    August 31, 2016 at 3:42 pm Reply

    Hi Jennie, yes, I remember you writing to me before and I have prayed for you in the past, and I am going to write your name down in my prayer journal as one of my prayer requests!!

    I am so glad that the words which the Lord shares with me to post are a blessing and encouragement to you ... PRAISE THE LORD!!

    I hope that you are able to order the journal. I can't emphasize enough the simplicity of it and yet how in-depth it can cause your time with the Lord to become.

    Sending you loads of prayers, love and hugs, Barb

  • Linda

    August 31, 2016 at 5:46 pm Reply

    Hello, my dear friend - what a great journal you have described - the photographs are great. . Love the idea of it all being on one page. I need to get a new prayer journal, so I will see if I can get it over here. I know exactly what you mean about wasting time looking for this or that when it comes to a "quiet time". A plan of some description is such a good idea. I will look at the Philippians study you mention. I am enjoying going through the book of Mark, along with She Reads Truth. I know which chapter to go to, read it, then I read their devotional thoughts. I am also currently participating in an email group with Love God Greatly, studying the topic "Forgiven". Think I've rambled enough here! Wouldn't it be awesome to sit down together over the Word!!! Praying for more of those good days for you. Hugs and lots of love across the seas.❤️

    • Barb

      September 2, 2016 at 12:55 pm Reply

      Linda, first off, you never ramble, and even if you did, I love your rambling!
      I sure hope that you can get the prayer journal over there. It's an amazing, yet simple, yet in depth way to spend quiet and quality time with the Lord. Yes, be sure to check out the website. She is going to begin a new Bible study soon on the subject of grace!!

      You sound like you are keeping very busy in the Word and in Bible studies ... Praise the Lord.

      It would be WAAAAAY beyond wonderful to sit down face to face with open Bibles and study together, but since that is highly unlikely, we'll just have to settle for felliowshipping for all Eternity!!!

      I love you bunches ❤ my beautiful, sweet friend across the oceans

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