"He maketh
the storm
a calm,
so that
the waves
are still."
Psalm 107:29

Today, June 1st , marks the beginning of the 2016 hurricane season which will run through November 30th.

Having lived in Central Florida for twenty-seven years, I’ve rode out a few very small hurricanes.  The storms were never EVER anything even close to being like Hurricane Sandy or Hurricane Katrina.  The hurricanes that came through our area had lots of rain and wind, may have blown shingles off the roof, brought down tree limbs and left us in the dark for a few hours, but that was the extent of it, and for that I can say I am so very thankful. 

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) predicts “a near-average 2016 hurricane season with thirteen named storms, including six hurricanes and two of those reaching major strength at Category 3 or greater.  They warned, however, that there remains uncertainty in the accuracy of their findings.”

I appreciate the hard work that the NHC does in keeping us up-to-date of approaching hurricanes and warnings of possible threats of storms.  But I also appreciate their honesty in their last statement which says, ”there remains uncertainty in the accuracy of their findings.”

Man, even with all his high-tech instruments, gadgets and "do-dads", can at his best only make a “highly intelligent prediction” of an approaching storm, because ultimately the Lord is in control of everything.  If He chooses to, He can turn a hurricane completely off course with just one word!  Just like He calmed the storm in which the disciples found themselves.

"And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still.  And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm."
Mark 4:39

What about the “hurricanes” in your own life?  You know those storms that pop up out of no where? 


Here in Florida it can be bright, sunny and beautiful, but within a few minutes the black clouds begin rolling in, you hear thunder rumbling in the distance and before you know it, you are caught in a torrential downpour.  One of the most ironic things is that across the street or over on the next block, the sun can still be shining!!

That’s how the storms of life can hit us.  Sunny and bright one minute and raining cats and dogs the next!


All it takes is one phone call to turn your whole world completely upside down.

A pink slip from your employer.

“That look” from your doctor.    

A semi truck that couldn't get stopped at the red light and slid through the intersection and slammed into your car.

Your bank account wiped clean and a spouse who is not coming home because they just can’t handle the stress any more.

A teenager whom you have loved and nurtured in the ways of the Lord, but has chosen an alternative life style.

Having your world spinning upside down, side ways and then tilting the other way and being totally out of control the entire time. 

The last statement is what happened to me.  It happened back in April and it happened again a few weeks ago and it's still happening to this day.  I’ll be totally honest, it’s a terrifying experience. 

Just like the National Hurricane Center tells us to get prepared BEFORE a hurricane strikes with things like stocking up on canned goods, buying flashlights and batteries and making sure your car has enough gas if you need to evacuate.

We also need to be prepared BEFORE the storms of life hit us.

When my world was spinning every which way, I couldn’t even walk to where my Bible was, let alone be able to look up verses. 

I needed to rely on verses I had memorized such as:

I whole-heartily believe in the power of prayer.  Folllowing the initial spinning episode, I managed to text a quick prayer request to my son and to one of my very best friends, and then I sat praying the entire time until Brian got home from work to help me.  Once Brian got home, and after he prayed with me, he got ahold of a lot more prayer warriors to pray along with us.

For a few a days following the episode, I could not read my Bible, so I have a free app on my tablet and on my phone which will read the Bible to me.  This is such a great comfort to be able to hear God's Word when I am unable to read it for myself.


My husband is constantly telling me not to sit in the quiet unless I am reading God’s Word, praying or doing something which requires my complete concentration.  When it’s totally quiet, my mind tends to wander, and too often it tends to wander in the wrong places.  I have my own Pandora stations on my phone and tablet, so all I have to do is hit “play” and I’m encouraged by godly music.

So just like being prepared BEFORE a hurricane hits, we need to be prepared BEFORE the storms of life hit us.

  • Memorizing Scripture verses and repeating them aloud over and over!  Sinking them deep within you!
  • Being in a "mode" of prayer so that you can pray at a moment's notice.  This means spending time EVERY day talking with the Lord, and not waiting until there is a dire emergency to call upon His name.  Also having some prayer warriors on “speed dial” on your phone.
  • Having a free app on your tablet, iPad, or phone which will read God’s Word or sermons to you when you are unable to read for yourself.  This is HUGE!
  • Having godly music at your finger tips ready to play in an instant to get your mind off of the circumstances and onto the Lord so you can worship Him.

Did you know that according to the National Hurricane Center that the calmest place of a hurricane is right smack dab in the middle of it?  In the eye of the storm there is barely any winds and the sky is blue.  They gave some long explanation why this happens, but I am not even going to attempt to write it out!!

hurricane photo

I know that there are times in my life when I am right in the midst of the storm, and the winds do not seem to be calm, but they are "blowing ninety to nothing", and the skies are certainly not blue, but dark and stormy.  That's exactly when I need to remind myself that the Lord is ALWAYS with me, He LOVES me, I AM HIS CHILD because of my faith in Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and He is ALWAYS in control!

I pray the suggestions I shared will help you get prepared BEFORE the storms of life hit!

As the lyrics
to the song say,
"You alone
are my anchor
when my
sails are torn!"

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May God Bless You,



  • Will

    June 1, 2016 at 8:39 am Reply

    So helpful. Normally I don't read your blog until I've written mine, but I'm waiting in the airport so... Again we are on the same thought. While I'm not borrowing your blog, I was thinking of you, Shelly and a few others when considering the topic.
    Thanks again. As always, we'll done.

    • Barb

      June 1, 2016 at 1:46 pm Reply

      Thanks once again, Will, for your words of encouragement.
      It was one of those weeks when everything "just feel into place". Looking forward to reading your upcoming post.
      Thanks for your friendship, Barb

  • Your hubby

    June 1, 2016 at 9:20 am Reply

    Once again thank you for the reminder that we have a rock bigger then any storm and as we hold tightly to Him we can find that peace in the center of the strom. I love you and i am thankful that we both know GOD is our everything.

    • Barb

      June 1, 2016 at 1:51 pm Reply

      Oh my, I can barely see to type through my tears!
      I love you so much and you know that I could NEVER make this journey without the Lord and without YOU.
      Thanks for always being here to encourage me when I "lose my way" and for helping me get my focus back on our Rock, The Lord Jesus Christ.
      I love you more than I can even put into words. Your Babie ♡♡

  • Kelly Kulas

    June 1, 2016 at 2:01 pm Reply

    Thank you so much Barb. This past month has been a storm for me. Your idea to be prepared is a great idea. I am putting a few things right where I need them. Thank you.

    • Barb

      June 1, 2016 at 2:57 pm Reply

      Oh my sweet friend, Kelly
      I know that you have been being tossed to and fro from the storm which you find yourself in.
      I am praying for you.
      I'm praising the Lord that the words which He gave to me were a help and encouragement to you.
      I love you dear friend. Barb♡♡

  • Linda

    June 1, 2016 at 4:02 pm Reply

    Hi my friend, being prepared......yes, we need to be. While we don't have true hurricanes in NZ, we have our share of storms that can cause lots of havoc.Your suggestions are sooo good - and I am going to look into getting an app that will read the Bible to me for those times when strength seems to evaporate. Great words, Barb, that remind us that the Lord is with us through the storms of life - words that will reach into many hearts across the globe. You truly are fulfilling your calling to share His heart with us all - thank you for your presence on the Internet! Lots of love and hugs.

    • Barb

      June 1, 2016 at 11:44 pm Reply

      Oh Linda, once again, you have encouraged me so very much with your heartfelt words.
      Yes, being prepared is so essential, not only for the storms of "nature" which God sends but also for the storms of life.
      I so enjoy my free Bible app. Mine comes with free mini Bible studies and a verse for the day. I downloaded mine on my phone from the play store and it's simply called "Holy Bible King James Version" and it's by Life Church. I love it!
      Thank you again for always encouraging me.
      I praise the Lord for bringing you into my life.
      Love you and sending lots of love, hugs and appreciate across the seas to you ♡♡

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