Who Am I? Who Are You?

People are constantly seeking to "find their identity." One day it's in their successful business which is making money hand over fist, that is until the stock market crashes. Then suddenly that business adventure, along with their money and their latest and greatest toys, go sliding right down the drain. But they quickly bounce back seeking

Fear Is A Liar!

I started writing this particular post, got to a certain point and decided instead to shelf it and go in a completely different direction, BUT, once again, God had other plans! He brought me right back to this one! Actually I was trying to avoid this one because it's "me written in words!" It's one of


Today we're going to talk about one of the first Bible verses you most likely heard as a teeny tiny baby growing up in a Christian home! One of the first Scripture verses you memorized as a child in Sunday School! A verse which is so popular it's known just by its biblical reference! I'm