Taking A Knee In Prayer

Kicked back. Relaxed. Stretched out on a blanket under the starry night sky. Girls looking cute in their cowboy boots, and guys all decked out in their Levis and cowboy hats! Husbands holding their wives close. Friends singing at the top of their lungs! Families enjoying an evening together. Teen girls swooning over their favorite

Taking A Stand!

With all the drama surrounding the NFL right now, I really wasn't sure if I wanted to tackle (no pun intended!) that subject or not! Why pour gasoline on an already blazing inferno? I'm not even an NFL fan. I don't watch the games, but when I see what's taking place during the playing of

Hunkered Down!

It is currently Friday, September 8th at 8:15 in the evening.  For those of you unaware, Brian and I live in Clermont which is located in Central Florida. We are basically smack dab in the middle of the state. Approximately a two-hour drive from either coast. Yes, we are awaiting the arrival of Irma. Sure

A Video Testimony Of The Lord’s Faithfulness To Me!

Back in June, our Pastor, Travis Lane, did a series of messages entitled, "Real People, Real Faith, Real Impact". Each Sunday morning and each Sunday evening throughout the month of June, excluding Father's Day, a different person from the congregation would be featured in a video. They would speak of the faithfulness which the Lord