“I Simply Remember My Favorite Things And Then I Don’t Feel So Bad!”

SOOOOO, did reading the title of the post cause you to break out in singing??!!    I think we're all more than just a tab bit familiar with, "The Sound Of Music"! Most of us probably can't even count the number of times we've watched and sang along to this timeless musical featuring Maria, Captain Georg von

An “AHA” Moment!

What exactly is an "AHA" moment? Well, I'm so glad you asked! The definition of an "AHA" moment according to dictionary.com "A point in time, event, or experience when one has a sudden insight or realization." In other words, it's like a light bulb moment. When the light finally comes on! The example which was given

The Parable Of The Forgotten Password!

You may be totally different than I am when it comes to keeping passwords on all your different accounts. I have about three to four different passwords which I use regularly. It becomes a problem when I can’t remember which password I used for which account!   It happens quite often!   TOO OFTEN! Just recently I